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Low cost microjob platform for data mining, web scraping machine learning, and AI traning data.

cWork is a mobile app based microjob platform, where the software as a service (SaaS) slices a big task into many small tasks and those task is done by thousands micro workers.

cWork: Your microjob platform

cWork provides quality data for your business, research and outreach.

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Features of cWork

cWork breaks down large pieces of business processes into small and simple tasks that rely on human intelligence, and distributes these “cTasks” to workers via the Internet for greater cost efficiencies across geographic boundaries. Typical cTasks include market research, media tagging, information gathering, data input, data verification, proof-reading, translation, copy, editing, and graphic design. Tasks may also be dependent on language, location, classified by type of activity or content, and type of services or activities.

  • Customized job posting for each types of job
  • Saves cost and time for your company
  • 3 Stages of Quality Assurance by our community driven cLeader, and by cWork
  • Makes data processing secure
  • High quality data with 99% data accuracy

Cheap and Quality data that you can trust on!

cWork is based on Bangladesh, where millions of skilled people are looking for jobs that pays them directly. cWork got a strong base of professional web scraping team, Data Mining team, highly educated surveyor, and skilled inhouse programmers. cWork provides microwork to it's cWorker based on their ranking, education level and any demography you ask for. We work round the clock for customer services.

We have highly skilled cTasker, who works 24/7.
cTaskers education level from high school diploma to Masters degree.
cWork pays directly to the cTaskers so they are always happy and motivated to do more quality works.

cWork use cases

Data Training for neural network

Neural network calculates based on desired output. In cWork microjob platform, cWorker can give data points of basic scenario and those data can be used to teach neural network about how human think. These can be done by asking questions, giving problems to solve, tagging images and solving puzzle.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) data training for data scientist

Artificial Intelligence or AI needs human to teach them which decision to take. In cWork microjob platform those question can be asked and within shortest time those will be done by thousands of cWorker. Artificial Intelligence is the future and it must have to be trained by human. cWork is helping to get data by microjob.

Data processing

Data processing is a hard job for data scientist. Data scientist uses many expansive methods to process those data. cWork offers cheap and high acurecy Data collection by Web scarping, data scraping and content scraping. We have a huge team can provide those data in quickest way.

cWork cWork

Web Scraping

cWork microjob platform also provides service to convert handwritten or printed document to digital document and give the output to desire format in pdf, word or excel. Moreover, cWork microjob platform allow it app users to find specific information from the web, or printed document.


cWork microjob platform provides easy solution for survey, online surveys and paid surveys. Surveys can be used to determine human psychology to determine, whether to launch new product or service. Survey, online surveys and paid surveys also can help to introduce a new product line or new service development. The survey, online surveys and paid surveys can be used for research firm, data scientist and non-government organization (NGO).

Website and App testing:

cWork micro job platform made it so easy to test website and app. We have real customers who are ready to give their opinion about your app or website. They give you deep insight about your product so that you can be insight in your beta testing.


cWork tutorial

cWork is one and only micro job mobile app in the world. We have millions of user to complete simple task like data entry, data scraping, image to data transcription.

We have very flexible price for Everyone

We charge based on cTask
What is cTask
Say, we have to scrape most mentioned food dishes from Yelp. so, one food dishes information is one unique task. There could be multiple information in one task. You can ask for URL, title, price etc.

up to 10 cTask

  • Test the speed of cTasker
  • Test data accuracy
  • Test the whole system
  • cTask limit 10
  • login portal for progress monitoring
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up to 10,000 cTask

  • Web Scraping, Data mining
  • Image to Text transcription
  • Audio Transcription
  • Video transcription
  • login portal for progress monitoring
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up to 100,000 cTask

  • Web Scraping, Data mining
  • Image to Text transcription
  • Audio Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • login portal for progress monitoring
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  • Bulk task ranged upto 5,500,000 task
  • Working with highest priority.
  • 24/7 communication about work.
  • Guaranteed Deadline
  • login portal for progress monitoring
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Remarks on cWork

It was very very good app.Keep it up!!!....We all need that kind of market place in our country..I am fully satisfied from it.....

Ratna Zaman

ajk ai 1st coupo Cwork thake taka pelam 50 taka. ar ai 50 taka pate amr 20 mnt o kaj korte hoy ne matro 10-15 mnt kaj korechilam ami. & kaj gulo o kub easy. ar tader payment saystem o onek valo. 24 hour er moddha bkash a taka esha jay. tai ami mone kori aita akta best app jaita thake kub shohoje taka income kora jay.

M.a. Jafor Chowdhury