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      Spend good people better, full moon reunion!

      Time: 2022-09-10 18:22:21


      The autumn wind to send cool, osmanthus fragrance, the annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the company thanks all employees for the growth and development of the company's contribution, to thank all employees for their hard work, reflect the company's corporate culture, the company prepared a "Mid-Autumn Festival gift package" for you.

      I wish my family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish everyone a full moon and a full circle and everything is satisfactory.

      What are the customs of Mid-Autumn Festival?

      The Mid-Autumn Festival has the custom of offering sacrifices to the moon, enjoying the moon, eating moon cakes, playing lanterns, appreciating osmanthus and drinking osmanthus wine. As one of the important sacrificial rites in ancient China, moon offering began in pre-Qin Dynasty as a royal ritual, and later evolved into a sacrificial ceremony with the theme of "family reunion".

      Offering to the moon has a long history, is ancient Chinese ancient people in some places of the "moon God" of a worship activity, 24 solar terms of the "autumn equinox", is the ancient "offering to the moon festival". Appreciating the moon and offering sacrifices to the moon is an important part of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the folk, it expresses the good wishes of the people. When the moon rises slowly in the east, people will set a case in the courtyard, worship the moon, with moon cakes as the main offerings, plus melons and fruits, especially grapefruit is indispensable, more circular offerings, is to take the meaning of reunion. After the ceremony, families sit together, drink osmanthus wine, eat moon cakes, watch the moon, and tell stories about the moon, such as the cowherd and the Weaver girl, Wu Gang cutting trees and so on.

      Spend good people better, full moon reunion!
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