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      Fire safety escape drill

      Time: 2022-09-02 18:06:21


      Has entered the midsummer, with high temperature as the inducement of the fire has become easy to happen, and because the temperature is too high, large power consumption, flammable combustible materials, many machinery intensive, cargoes intensive plant has become the fire "key attack target". Fire safety of warehouse in summer can not be ignored, so it is necessary to do fire safety work well.

      In order to further enhance the safety awareness of all employees, familiar with the escape route, constantly improve the workshop disaster prevention and reduction ability, and comprehensively create a good workshop safety environment. Hereby the company simulated escape evacuation drill on the afternoon of September 2nd.

      If we are unlucky enough to meet a fire, how to save ourselves:

      ① Timely alarm. When a fire occurs, it is necessary to immediately put out the initial fire source and alert the fire brigade in time;

      ② Calm down. When the fire occurs, do not panic, to follow the arrangement of orderly escape;

      ③ Escape from the nearest place. Use the nearest doors and Windows to escape. If the doors and Windows are closed or locked, break them immediately to escape;

      ④ Use the channel wisely. To escape, according to the safety exit signs, orderly use all channels for evacuation;

      ⑤ Lean forward. When evacuating, cover your mouth and nose with wet towels and masks to prevent heavy smoke, protect your respiratory tract, and do not inhale smoke as much as possible;

      ⑥ Don't be obsessed with finances. Escape not greedy personal property delay time, escape after more can not return to the fire;

      ⑦ Wait for rescue. If you cannot escape, walk up the stairs to the landing or stand at an eye-catching window to signal for help.

      Fire safety escape drill
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