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      China's precision machining technology shines at Qatar World Cup

      Time: 2022-12-10 00:00:00


      How entrenched is Qatar? For the World Cup, a city was built directly in the desert -- Lussel New City, with a huge investment of 220 billion yuan. Half of the money of the ubiquitous "Made in China" was spent on the construction of the stadium, which has become a beautiful scenery in the World Cup. Let's take a look at the Chinese precision machining and manufacturing technology used in the Lussel Stadium in Qatar World Cup.

      Qatar's largest stadium, Lussel Stadium, is the world's largest, most complex system, the highest design standard, the most advanced technology, and the most international World Cup stadium. Stadium circumference one kilometer shape like a "golden bowl", the whole stadium in the sun like a delicate gem shining; The strong "backbone" of the stadium, the high bearing capacity of the "base", only supported by 24 supports, is connected by the giant steel beam and the concrete foundation of the spherical steel support, the stadium on the steel structure accuracy requirements can be described as harsh, but also hired 7 third-party testing institutions for all-round monitoring; In order to ensure the flatness of the steel structure, the width error should be controlled at 0-1mm and the length error should be controlled at 0-3mm. Millimeter-level error, for ordinary objects is not difficult to achieve, but in the stadium steel structure such a large component, must have "without loss of precision" courage and confidence. The Lussel Stadium is also the first World Cup stadium to be built by a Chinese company. China Railway Construction International Group is the construction of this landmark building. Every detail of this landmark building shows Chinese wisdom.

      The stadium takes into account the hot weather in the area and has air conditioning vents under every seat in the stadium. Li Bai, the chief engineer of the Chinese team, said proudly, "Lussel Stadium is the first time for a Chinese company to participate in the construction of FIFA's highest standard professional football stadium as a general contract for design and construction. It is also the first time for a Chinese company to design and build the main stadium of the World Cup. It is the largest and most populous professional venue built by Chinese enterprises overseas."

      Turf maintenance is crucial for football matches, and Ningxia University in China has provided technical support for the irrigation and maintenance of the turf in this World Cup.

      In terms of hardware construction, Chinese enterprises also participated in the construction of several other World Cup stadiums. Janubu Stadium, one of the main stadiums of this World Cup, used 160,000 square meters of "Hongbiao high-flame retardant aluminum plastic plate" produced in Suqian. Due to its high technology content and cost-effective characteristics, Hongbiao high-flame retardant aluminum plastic plate is very popular among various stadium builders. The container houses used in the "Fan Village" are also from China. Chinese companies have provided more than 10,000 container houses for the Qatar World Cup. Qatar is very satisfied with the quality of the container houses produced in China.

      Qatar is a country where water is more expensive than oil. In order to ensure water security during the World Cup, Qatar is building 15 super large reservoirs in five locations across the country. Khalisa Lingam, field director of Qatar Strategic Reservoirs Project: "The part of the construction that Chinese companies are responsible for is fast and of good quality. It has successfully passed all the engineering quality tests without any problems so far. I think Chinese companies are the best."

      In the field of new energy power generation in Qatar, Chinese construction is also the main force. The 800-megawatt photovoltaic power station built by a Chinese company in Al-Qasar, Qatar, can meet 10% of Qatar's peak electricity demand, significantly increasing the proportion of renewable energy in Qatar's energy consumption. This will not only provide electricity for the World Cup, but also be an important measure for Qatar to fulfill its commitment to hosting a "green World Cup".

      From the construction of stadiums to the guarantee of water and electricity, from the surrounding areas of the event to supporting services, made in China is contributing "China's strength" to the Qatar World Cup.

      The Qatar World Cup is not only a football feast, but also a stage for the competition of goods and services from different countries. The "Made in China" products in Qatar are showing off the splendor of China's position in the global industrial chain.

      China's precision machining technology shines at Qatar World Cup
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