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      Safety precautions in the working process of machining center

      Time: 2022-11-22 00:00:00


      1. processing parts, must close the protective door, is not allowed to head, hand into the protective door, processing is not allowed to open the protective door;

      2. in the process of processing, the operator shall not leave the machine without permission, should keep a high degree of concentration, observe the running state of the machine. In case of abnormal phenomenon or accident, the program shall be terminated immediately, the power supply shall be cut off, and the supervisor shall be timely reported. No other operations shall be carried out.

      3. Do not slap the control panel or touch the display screen. Do not knock the table, dividing head, fixture and guide rail;

      4. It is strictly prohibited to open the CNC control cabinet for viewing and touching without permission;

      5. The operator shall not change the internal parameters of the machine tool;

      6. On the machine tool control microcomputer, other operations are not allowed except program operation, transmission and program copy;

      7. the processing center is a large precision equipment, in addition to the workbench placed tooling and workpiece, the machine is strictly prohibited to stack any workers, clips, knives, measuring tools, workpiece and other debris;

      8. do not touch the knife tip and iron eyebrow with hands, iron must be cleaned with iron hook or brush;

      9. Do not touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way;

      10. It is forbidden to measure the workpiece in the process of processing, manually change the speed, not to wipe the workpiece with cotton silk, nor to clean the machine tool;

      11. No tentative operation is allowed;

      12. When using the hand wheel or fast moving mode to move the position of each axis, be sure to see the "+, -" sign in each direction of the X, Y and Z axes of the machine tool before moving. When moving, first turn the hand wheel slowly to observe the moving direction of the machine tool and then speed up the moving speed;

      13. in the program operation must be suspended to measure the size of the workpiece, to wait for the machine completely stop, spindle stop before measurement, in order to avoid personal accidents;

      14. If the machine is not used for several days, the NC and CRT parts should be energized for 2-3 hours every other day;

      15. shut down, to wait for the spindle to stop for 3 minutes before the shutdown.

      Safety precautions in the working process of machining center
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