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      Machining center overpass fault

      Time: 2022-10-11 00:00:00


      The precision problem of CNC machining center is a daily problem plaguing our processing operations, and the cause of precision error is often difficult to troubleshoot. Finally, here are a few examples of common problems and the reasons for them, so that you can take appropriate action:

      The workpiece size is accurate but the surface finish is poor

      Reason: the knife tip is damaged, not sharp; The machine tool produces resonance and is not placed smoothly; Machine tool crawling phenomenon; The processing technology is not good.

      Workpiece taper size head phenomenon

      Reason: the level of machine tool placement is not adjusted well, one high and one low, resulting in unstable placement; When turning the long shaft, the contribution material is hard, the cutting tool is deep, resulting in the phenomenon of letting the knife; Tail seat thimble and spindle different center.

      The driver phase light is normal, and the size of the workpiece processed varies from large to small

      Reason: the long-term high-speed operation of the machine tool dragplate leads to the wear of the lead screw and bearing, and the repeated positioning accuracy of the tool holder is deviated in the long-term use. The dragplate can accurately return to the starting point of processing each time, but the size of the processed workpiece is still changing. This phenomenon is generally caused by the spindle, the high-speed rotation of the spindle makes the bearing wear seriously, leading to the processing size changes.

      Machining center overpass fault
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