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      The processing of stuck knife occurs in the process of tool change

      Time: 2022-08-10 00:00:00


      To put it simply, there are two situations in the tool library at the beginning, one is the tool is not pulled out, the other is the tool has been pulled out, the first situation is relatively easy to solve, we mainly introduce the solution of the second situation.

      1) Loosen the brake device on the motor and rotate the outer hexagon on the motor with an adjustable wrench. Generally, the direction of rotation is the same as that of the knife arm. In short, the knife arm of the automatic tool change is removed from the spindle of the high-speed vertical machining center.

      2) When the tool arm is separated from the spindle, if there is a tool on the spindle can hear the sound of leakage, that is, when the spindle is in the state of loose knife, it is necessary to pay attention to, - must pad something on the tooling, the tool has fallen at this time.

      3) Please keep rotating the knife arm until the knife arm has completed a complete tool changing action. The knife arm also has an origin position. In the knife library panel, there are three red lights. Generally, the light in the middle is the indicator light of the knife arm at the origin position.

      4) After eliminating the initial fault, set the tool arm motor brake device back to the original position, and then perform the second tool change action in the MDI state of high-speed vertical machining center to see whether it is normal. I want to learn UG programming, CNC programming of machining center, and learn micro-UG2089 to get learning materials and courses. If normal, please remember to check all the knives to be used in the processing, in order to ensure the safety of the processing.

      Incorrect spindle stopping position -- common treatment methods: firstly, the fault of unstable spindle first turn signal should be eliminated, and then the spindle stopping Angle should be adjusted to align the key of the spindle tool seat with the keyway of the mechanical hand (adjusted by tool changing macro program).

      The processing of stuck knife occurs in the process of tool change
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