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      What are the common automatic tool changing methods and characteristics of machining center?

      Time: 2022-06-18 00:00:00


      According to the different processing forms and processing requirements of CNC machining center, the common forms of knife library are mainly bamboo hat knife library, disk manipulator knife library, chain knife library and so on. The corresponding tool change mode can be divided into direct tool change mode, manipulator tool change mode and turret head mode, we take a look at their respective characteristics.

      Manipulator tool change mode

      General configuration of the manipulator tool changing mechanism of the tool library often use the disk tool library. The so-called manipulator tool change means that when the knife is changed, the manipulator is used to grasp the knife, select the knife and change the knife. Transfer the tool between the tool library and the spindle of CNC machining center, send the replaced tool back to the tool library, and then push the needed tool to the spindle. The feature of this tool change mode is that the new knife to be used and the old knife used at the same time grab. That is to say, grab the knife and change the knife at the same time, so compared with other tool change methods, with faster tool change speed, the motion of the mechanical components is smaller and so on. Is now the more mainstream way to change the knife.

      Direct knife change mode

      The so-called direct tool change means that the tool change process is completed by the tool library and spindle box, which is the most direct tool change way. The general configuration of the knife library is bamboo hat type. According to whether there is displacement in the tool library in the process of tool change, the direct tool change mode can be divided into the tool library shift mode and the tool library fixed mode. In the transfer mode of the tool library, the tool library can be moved. Before the tool change, the tool library enters the tool change working area, and after the tool change, the tool library exits the area. This way of changing the knife because of the movement of the knife library, the layout is more exquisite, flexibility and adaptability is poor. In the fixed way of tool library, the tool is selected mainly by moving the headstock. The tool bank can be stationary or rotated in position only. The former can only be used for sequential tool selection, which is suitable for NC machining center with fewer tools, while the latter can realize indexation tool selection. This tool selection method reduces the movement of the tool library, can greatly simplify the design structure of the tool library, and the control of the tool change process is simple and reliable. Direct tool change mode is characterized by slow tool change speed, high failure rate, only used on early models.

      Turret head tool change mode

      Turret head mode is a tool change mode through the rotation of the brick tower to make the needed tool move to the corresponding position. It is generally a sequential tool change, the advantage is that the structure is compact, the tool change time is very short, generally more used in processing crankshaft and other slender type of workpiece and need to complete the complex process processing occasions.

      Turret head mode of automatic tool change device and direct tool change mode is similar, and is divided into turret tool rest tool change and brick tower spindle head tool change two ways. Turret tool holder tool change mode is through the turret head rotation, automatic tool change action; Turret spindle head tool change mode also needs to be equipped with a turret, but the turret spindle is not connected with the tool holder, but a plurality of different directions, into octopus tentacle-like distribution of the main spindle head, each spindle head is installed in advance each process 

      needs to use the tool.

      In CNC machining center machining, by rotating the turret, each spindle head in accordance with the program instructions, turn to the machining position, so as to achieve automatic tool change action. In this tool changing mode, because each spindles are concentrated on a turret, the stiffness of the turret spindle is required, and the number of tool spindles is also limited. This tool change method is mainly used in smaller CNC machining centers.

      What are the common automatic tool changing methods and characteristics of machining center?
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