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      The structural characteristics of Longmen processing center

      Time: 2022-03-31 00:00:00


      Gantry processing center has fixed beam type (beam fixed, workbench mobile/rotation), moving beam type (beam moving up and down, workbench moving before and after) moving column type (workbench fixed, gantry frame moving), crane type (workbench fixed, beam moving) also has more than a composite form of gantry processing center. Processing characteristics, capabilities, for product processing purposes are not exactly the same.

      Structural characteristics

      1. Workbench

      Longmen processing center of the table is basically rectangular. Large castings such as workbench, bed, column, beam and ram are made of cast iron or welding parts. The inner cavity of the castings is a honeycomb composite arrangement structure with advanced design. After aging and secondary tempering treatment, the residual internal stress is eliminated and the material is stable to ensure the stability of the workpiece processing accuracy and the machine tool life.

      2. Dragon Gate

      The gantry consists of a beam and two columns. It is divided into three types: beam fixed, beam by positioning block locking subsection lifting and beam arbitrary lifting.

      3. Ram

      The ram can be divided into two types: open type and closed type. The ram of open structure is clamped on the headstock by the press plate, and the cross-sectional area of the ram is large. The ram of closed structure is clamped in the spindle box with small cross-sectional area.

      4. Knife library

      There are three basic types of knife library: turret type, drum type and chain length type.

      5. Attachment head library

      The processing of large and complex parts usually requires many attachment heads. The attachment head is specially designed according to the processing requirements of the workpiece, which is generally divided into right Angle head, lengthened head, special Angle head and universal head.

      6. Numerical control system

      CNC system suppliers are many, according to the different needs of the system brand and model have different choices.

      7. Accuracy

      The accuracy of a machine tool is the original accuracy of a machine tool without external load. Accuracy is usually expressed by its opposite - the deviation from the ideal state (referred to as error). The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy.

      The structural characteristics of Longmen processing center
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