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      Vertical machining center lubrication system

      Time: 2021-12-12 00:00:00


      Simply put, the vertical machining center lubrication system is to mix lubricating oil and compressed air separately to form a turbulent oil and gas mixture flow and then send it to the spindle part of the machining center or other lubricating parts.

      Working principle

      The flow of compressed air in the pipeline drives the continuous flow of lubricating oil along the inner wall of the pipeline, mixes the oil and gas and transmits it to the spindle part of the processing center and the lead screw and other parts that need lubrication. Dry compressed air is continuously supplied at a constant pressure (5 -- 8BAR), and lubricating oil is supplied in different quantities according to the oil consumption of spindle lubrication, lead screw lubrication or other parts. Therefore, each lubrication circuit must use a separate miniature oil pump as the power source of oil transmission. After the oil is removed from the pump, it must first enter the oil-gas mixing valve. In the oil-gas mixing valve, the flowing compressed air blows the oil into small oil droplets, which are attached to the pipe wall to form an oil film.


      1, environmental protection, pollution-free. Because there will be no oil and fog, the surrounding environment is not polluted.

      2, accurate oil supply. By increasing the regulating valve, the oil can be transported to the main shaft and lead screw lubrication points according to different needs;

      3, there is no problem of high viscosity lubricating oil atomization difficulty; Suitable for any oil;

      4. Automatic detection and monitoring. Can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal, if the lubrication is poor, you can alarm shutdown, to avoid the abnormal operation of the equipment.

      5, especially suitable for the spindle rolling bearing, has a certain air cooling effect, can reduce the running temperature of the bearing, thus extending the service life of the spindle;

      6, small fuel consumption, cost saving.

      The similarities and differences between oil-gas lubrication and oil-mist lubrication:

      Similarities: Both are powered by compressed air.

      Difference: oil and gas lubrication does not impact the oil into fog, but the use of compressed air flow to transport small oil drops along the pipeline to the lubrication point.

      Oil - gas lubrication has many advantages over other types of lubrication. Oil and gas lubrication system of machining center mainly consists of pneumatic pump, air source processing element, control part and spiral tube and other accessories. Unlike oil mist lubrication, oil and gas lubrication uses a wide range of oil viscosity.


      1, in the processing center, the use of grease and lubricating oil circulation lubrication will produce abnormal heating parts.

      2, like the main shaft, need to be highly clean, closed parts of the high speed of the bearing.

      Vertical machining center lubrication system
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